Should an aircast on an ankle be tight or loose?

Answer On One Hand: A Tight Fit Is NecessaryThe aircast ankle brace should have a snug fit against the ankle. When applying the ankle brace, recommends adjusting the heel pad and all straps... Read More »

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How can you tell if you have a tight or loose vagina?

The "tightness" of your vagina is really dependent on how tone your kegel muscles are. Picture your vagina as being a rubber band (bare with me) the more of a work out you give it by stretching it;... Read More »

What causes a vagina to be tight or loose?

It's almost entirely genetic and hormonal; when you're aroused, your vagina tends to loosen somewhat. Childbirth only temporarily loosens the vaginal walls; ,many women find that upon beginning to ... Read More »

Sprained my ankle.. Healing.. but feels tight when I walk?

The warm compress will help (if it is still swollen, ICE until swelling dissipates), but in addition to the warmth, you should stretch. What you want to do is very thoroughly stretch your leg (ach... Read More »

Why do women's vaginas feel loose sometimes and then tight other times?

It could actually be that you are ovulating and your vagina is just opening up because it wants to make a baby-especially if you are producing more lubricant. My fiance used to accuse me, too. I NE... Read More »