Should all tile flooring in the same visual space be the same?

Answer On One Hand: Continuity and ScaleIf you keep all tile uniform in one continuous space, it helps the space appear larger. Without a change in tile, your eye is drawn to the edges of the room instea... Read More »

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo flooring versus ceramic tile flooring?

Can laminate flooring be successfully installed over existing tile flooring?

Answer In most cases yes. You should still follow recommendations by each manufacturer because they could vary.Make sure that the exisiting flooring is not lifting or curling in any areas. Use a re... Read More »

Can vinyl flooring be installed over ceramic tile flooring?

Definitly do not do this. Out with the old in with the new.Or only if u have to save money, and only if the tile is horriffic. Would hve to smooth tile with leveler.

Can you install tile flooring on existing laminate flooring?

If by laminate you mean products like Pergo, no you cannot. (Looks like wood but floats on the subfloor)If you mean vinyl, you might be able to.What is your subfloor?If it is concrete you are good ... Read More »