Should all secondary schools be co-educational?

Answer On One Hand: Secondary Schools Should Be Co-educationalRealistically, secondary schools should be co-educational because life is co-educational. To develop the social skills necessary to cope with... Read More »

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What are the Educational implication on sexual growth in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria?

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Art Secondary Schools?

Art secondary schools provide a structured environment for serious students of art at the pre-college level. These schools tap into the many skills and abilities that art students bring into the cl... Read More »

Economics for Secondary Schools?

High school economics instruction is intended to introduce students to the fundamental drivers of the economy, as well as the finance and market systems. Instruction may be state-mandated as an ind... Read More »

Giftedness in Secondary Schools?

Giftedness refers to an innate intellectual ability that is higher than average, often manifesting during elementary school. When students enter secondary school, the school period following middle... Read More »