Should all of my children's cord blood be saved?

Answer On One Hand: May Be BeneficialThe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents save the cord blood from at least one child "when there is knowledge of a full sibling in the family with a ... Read More »

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How many years can a baby's cord blood be saved?

The number of years a baby's cord blood can be saved is between 10 and 15. Banking cord blood does no harm to the baby.SourceStoring Cord Blood

Should you keep your baby's cord blood?

Yes. Consider it as a health investment if you store your baby's cord blood in a family bank. If a family member is sick, the cord blood can be used to cure him or her. Successful stories about cor... Read More »

What should pregnant ladies know about cord blood banks?

A pregnant woman has many concerns and decisions to make about the birth of her baby. Although the umbilical cord is often forgotten by parents, the cord blood is extremely valuable. The stem cells... Read More »

Why is cord blood collected?

Cord blood is sometimes taken from a baby immediately after birth. According to the Cord Blood Registry, a stem cell bank accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, cord blood may be us... Read More »