Should all landscape rock borders match?

Answer On One Hand: Matching Rocks UnifyIf your garden or landscaping is very orderly, matching rock borders will unify the landscaping, and bring a sense of order to your outdoor area. If you choose to m... Read More »

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How to Landscape Rock in Phoenix?

Phoenix's rugged landscape and dramatic mountain views provide great sources of inspiration for gardeners. By using rock within the landscape, you can emulate your surroundings to blend your backya... Read More »

How to Calculate Landscape Rock?

Landscape rock, also called gravel, is an effective way to cover walking paths or areas that will not grow grass. Landscape rock can be purchased in cubic feet, but determining the number of cubic ... Read More »

Which type of rock usually underlies a karst landscape?

Carbonate rocks, mainly limestone and dolomite, most commonly make up a karst landscape. Karst topography occurs when the movements of groundwater and surface drainage dissolve and shape soluble ro... Read More »

How much landscape rock is needed to cover 10 square feet?

According to the Landscape Depot, the amount of rock needed to cover an area of 10 square feet varies by size of rock and depth required. For 3/4-inch rock, the minimum depth should be 1 1/2 inches... Read More »