Should adults be allowed to order from the children's menu?

Answer No, you shouldn't it is a business tactic. Restaurants make no money from a childrens menu. As it is the profit margin for most menus is four cents on the dollar. Those selections are there for ... Read More »

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A childrens serie about a few kids with painted face's who are like soldiers oslt and hang out in an old mall where there are no adults?

Remotely possible, it could be the Space Kidettes, which was a sort of cross-feed between the Little Rascals and maybe Lost In Space, the Kidettes functioned autonomously, like the Little Rascals. ... Read More »

How to Reset the Start Menu Order?

When you install new programs or add new files to your computer, the "Start" menu should automatically organize the files alphabetically. If it does not, the files are added in the order you instal... Read More »

How long should it take to read and then order from a drinks menu?

You can tell that's in England. No other country would expect to choose your wine before your food. You pay. Take as long as you like. If they don't like it, don't tip and don't go there again.

Can I order off the lunch menu at breakfast at Le Madeleine?

just call them and ask. if you say it's your birthday, they might make a special arrangement for you as well.