Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?

Answer As long as it can be done safely, yes.

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Should adopted children's have the right to know who there biological parents are?

What are some reasons adopted children should not know there biological parents?

..every minute..2-3 child in the world was born..if a single parent can adopt even a single child..we can lessen the poverty rate and abandoned child...

Do adopted children have the right to find their biological parents?

Yes, every child has the rights to find their biological parents. For an instance their health. It's for the child to decide, give them a chance to decide for themselves. When they are adults they... Read More »

Should adopted children be given the choose to contact their biological parents?

children should definitely have the right to know of where they came from!now not at any younger age but once 18 they should have the right. the reason for an older age is because they'll be emotio... Read More »