Should a woman have sex during her period?

Answer Tell him to be patient if he really loves you. He'll understand eventually. If you tell him that you can't have sex when you're on your period and he keeps on begging you, maybe he's just in for th... Read More »

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I have had unprotected sex during the past month and have been running to the toilet frequently. till now my period hasn't came. and since i am a 16year old teenager my period delays. am i pregnant?

AnswerEven if you'd used a condom, there would still be a chance you are pregnant. Get a pregnancy test at the drugstore and rethink your decision to have sex at your age. It could really screw ... Read More »

How often should a woman push during childbirth?

When it's time to push the baby out it's with every contraction unless the midwife says otherwise. It's different for every woman, birth and baby.

What should you do if you start a new pack to skip your period and you still have a period a few days later?

Many are not. Check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant.

What are the best foods to eat during my period Which should I avoid?

drink a lot of fluids. Avoid things like pudding and coffee. Caffiene makes you urinate more and you need a lot of fluids when you're on your period because of the loss of water with blood. Take Bu... Read More »