Should a woman choose a Caesarean section for any reason?

Answer What is one reason for choosing a caesarean SectionIf she want to be sure that her doctor can make it to golf in time regardless of the added risk of infection and permanent damage caused. Yes then... Read More »

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How to Perform a Caesarean Section on a Cow or Heifer?

Cow after a C-sectionThis is only a basic guide of how a Caesarian section (or C-section)is done on a cow or heifer that is having trouble calving. Here are two definite signs that a calf will need... Read More »

What is the main reason some woman develop gestational diabetes?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.

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Is parasagittal section is a section that is perpendicular to a sagittal section?

The sagittal plane is a vertical plane through the longitudinal axis dividing the body into left and right portions. If the animal is bisected straight down the midline, the section is called a "mi... Read More »