Should a vapor barrier be put under a house?

Answer On One Hand: Install a Vapor BarrierWater vapor evaporating from the soil and condensing on a house can lead to water damage and mold buildup. As such, you should install a vapor barrier beneath yo... Read More »

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If a house has plastic vapor barrier on the inside walls and a foil barrier on the exterior of the house should you remove the existing old outer foil when residing?

Answer Unless your home is heated by electric baseboard you may take it down if you wish. However the foil has reflective heat values, which means it reflects out the heat from the sun in the summe... Read More »

What is vapor barrier under laminate flooring?

Vapor barrier under flooring is a 20 lbs felt paper or red Rosin paper both types Can be naught at Lowe's or home depot

Why is a vapor barrier used under concrete slabs?

Vapor barriers are placed directly under a concrete slab to keep moisture away from the concrete. Concrete is porous, so water from a high water table can seep through the slab and into the buildi... Read More »

Why Use a Vapor Barrier for House Siding?

The vapor barrier contains the moisture to the outside of the house. By doing this it reduces the moisture touching the wood under the siding. This reduces the prospect of mold and rot in the wood.... Read More »