Should a toilet be flushed after every use?

Answer I think you should pee on him if he won't let you use his toilet.

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Flushed my phone down the toilet, is toilet ok?

A toilet flange and sewage pipe is 4 or 5 inches in diameter so nothings wrong with the toilet or the plumbing. The phone is on it's way to the sewage treatment facility.

I have flushed a rat down the toilet!!!?

A rat would only have to "swim" a few inches through the toilet's P-trap, the sewer line itself only has a bit of water along the bottom of it. My source is a cross section of a modern low-flow toi... Read More »

My Toilet Doesn't Drain When Flushed?

Normally a toilet's bowl will drain completely when you press the handle on the tank, meaning something about the toilet is not operating correctly if your toilet's bowl does not empty out. Determi... Read More »

Is Scoop Away cat litter able to be flushed down the toilet?

Scoop Away cat litter, made by the Clorox Pets Products Company, contains clay and minerals that absorb liquid and form clumps that can clog toilets when flushed. The company recommends placing the... Read More »