Should a toilet be flushed after every use?

Answer I think you should pee on him if he won't let you use his toilet.

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What makes my bathroom toilet gurgle after it is flushed?

There could be a couple of causes for the gurgle in your toilet. Because the sinks and toilets are in the same drainage system - the gurgle can happen when either or both are used.As water flows th... Read More »

Toilet Base Will Not Hold the Water Level After Flushed?

A dropping water level in your toilet bowl reduces the toilet’s flushing power, possibly leading to clogs in the drain line or leftover waste after you flush. If the escaping water is leaking out... Read More »

What is that hiss coming from my toilet long after it has flushed?

Answer you probably have a seal in your flush valve assembly that is shot and not closing off the water when the toilet fills back up. Or you have something like the chain if an older assembly sit... Read More »

Flushed my phone down the toilet, is toilet ok?

A toilet flange and sewage pipe is 4 or 5 inches in diameter so nothings wrong with the toilet or the plumbing. The phone is on it's way to the sewage treatment facility.