Should a tip include sales tax amount?

Answer On One Hand: Not TraditionallyAs far as American tipping etiquette goes, you should not include the sales tax when calculating your tip, according to CNN. Bars and restaurants that calculate the ti... Read More »

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Does the SEC ban on short sales include ETFs?

The Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) ban on short sales doesn't include exchange traded funds (ETFs). The short sale ban was implemented to protect the securities markets, businesses, c... Read More »

Do auto lease payments include sales tax?

In most states, as well as in Canada, you will pay sales tax on the down payment (if there is one) as well as on each month's payment. In some states, such as Illinois, Texas and New York, the sale... Read More »

What is the texas sales tax amount?

The state of Texas imposes a sales and use tax of 6.25 percent. However, cities and counties add an additional 2 percent to raise money for local purposes. As a result, the actual effective sales t... Read More »

How to Calculate the Break-even Sales Amount?

Calculating break-even sales allows management to estimate how many sales, in dollars, the company needs to complete in order not to lose money. This is important for managers because they can trac... Read More »