Should a three year old be able to walk normally after the cast has been removed for a hairline fracture of thre growth plate at the bottom of the tibia?

Answer First it is essential to remember that this condition is extremely rare. There has been no report of this condition before 29 weeks of gestation. Hence it is better to wait for some more time befor... Read More »

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Can a buckle fracture of the wrist cause damage to the growth plate in the wrist?

Shin splint or a stress fracture in my tibia?

It sounds like your coach is right. If it was a stress fracture or shin splint it would be very difficult to walk on much less do gymnastics with. I would recommend going to get an x-ray, better sa... Read More »

Tibia fracture non union and bone grafting?

When I had arch reconstruction surgery on my foot (which involved bone grafts), I was non-weight-bearing for close to 2 months, then put in a CAM Walker boot for 2 more months with physical therapy... Read More »

Do I have a stress fracture, very small broken bone, or just a lot of pain in my tibia?

If you press directly over a break you should feel pinpoint pain.If it is a break, and you continue to place stress on it, you do run the risk of a displacement of the break, and that will cause a ... Read More »