Should a teenage mother allowed back in school?

Answer Answer Yes I think so!!! The mother is going to have to get an education to get a good job to support herself and the baby!

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If your husband dies will his young child who he has full custody of be sent back to his mother or be allowed to stay with you the stepmother?

Answer Having full legal or physical custody. If it is full legal custody the mother has given up any legal claim to the child. If it is full physical custody with joint legal custody the child w... Read More »

I want to go back to school, but I am a single mother and I need money to pay for school and living expenses?

http://fafsa.ed.govBut the school will have to be recognized by the federal government to get federal fin aid. You can look up to see if a school is approved by going here: Read More »

I Need Some Back To School Lunch Ideas For A Teenage Girl?

Try wraps! They can be really healthy, they're yummy and they're totally customizable. Get flour tortillas and wrap up your favorite lunch meat and cheese along with whatever veggies you want. You ... Read More »

Awesome Teenage Girl Back to School Hairstyles?

When headed back to school, every girl wants to make a good first impression. Teenage girls are very focused on their image. And while there is little a girl can do about her eye color or skin to... Read More »