Should a sports coat be unbuttoned when sitting down?

Answer On One Hand: Sit Back And RelaxYou should always unbutton your sports coat when sitting, according to Men's Wearhouse, the fashion retailer. Unbuttoning your coat will prevent wrinkles and allow yo... Read More »

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What is a sports coat?

A sports coat sets itself apart from a suit coat, in that it does not come with a matching pair of pants. Originally the sport coat was worn for hunting or other outdoor sports, hence the name.Defi... Read More »

How to Prepare a Sports Coat?

Looking good is about more than just owning the right clothes. You also need to know how to take care of those clothes. If your clothes are in their best possible state, it is only going to make yo... Read More »

Can you wear a button-down shirt unbuttoned?

Fashion is subjective, so you can really do whatever you want. However, if you need validation from fashion experts, according to Glenn O'Brien, the GQ Style Guy, wearing a button-down shirt unbutt... Read More »

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