Should a single person have life insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Better Safe Than Sorry.Even when one is single with no dependents, he more than likely still has friends or family who would like to give him a decent funeral in the case of his passin... Read More »

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When should a person typically consider buying life insurance?

when they have an "insureable interest" ie a dependant child spouse , parent or other OR debts that would not be covered upon death.typically required for a family situation$$ for final expenses$$ ... Read More »

How Many Credit Cards Should a Single Person Have at Most?

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Can a person have multiple life insurance policies at a time?

AnswerYes, the issue is not how many policies one has, it's the total amount compared to ones income, assets & responsibiities.I think the asker was more interested to know if it is possible to hav... Read More »

How Much Car Insurance Should a Person Have?

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