Should a single person have life insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Better Safe Than Sorry.Even when one is single with no dependents, he more than likely still has friends or family who would like to give him a decent funeral in the case of his passin... Read More »

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How to Buy Single Premium Life Insurance?

The traditional payment arrangement for life insurance is for the policyholder to make monthly or annual payments for the life of the policy. When you buy single-premium life insurance, it works di... Read More »

What is single premium life insurance?

A person can fully fund a life insurance policy by paying the premium with a single payment. This life insurance plan provides tax advantages and other benefits due to the policy being paid up.Defi... Read More »

The Whole Life Single Term Insurance Policy?

There are two major types of life insurance policies: whole life insurance and term life insurance. The primary difference between the two is that whole life insurance can be utilized as a savings ... Read More »