Should a shower base have a rubber mat under it?

Answer On One Hand: Shower Bases are Prone to LeakageEven without visible signs of damage, shower bases are prone to leaking. Materials like ceramic tiles are not completely water proof, and over time, wa... Read More »

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Marble Shower Base Vs. Standard Shower Base?

Many folks forget that a standard shower base made of either acrylic or fiberglass has a few advantages over a marble shower base, which costs much more. When comparing the two for your new bathroo... Read More »

How to Get the Rubber Lining on a Shower to Lay Down?

Tiled showers require a correctly laid rubber liner to ensure water does not seep through the floor and damage the lumber products used to hold the shower floor in place. Making sure a shower pan ... Read More »

Rubber Ducky Shower Games?

Babies and rubber duckies sometimes share a bath together, so having a rubber ducky-themed baby shower is a natural match. One of the activities that is part of a baby shower is a collection of sho... Read More »

What to do if there is a rubber band stuck in shower drain?

Tweezers & a flashlight will help you see it to pull it out.Or try a pair of needle nose pliers to reach it.