Should a refrigerator be unplugged if you are away for two or more months?

Answer if there is any food in it dont unplug it unless u want to clean up the rotten food afterwards but if its empty it wil save u the energy

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Can you leave a refrigerator unplugged for a long time?

Yes but leave the door open to prevent mould build-up

How long do you leave a refrigerator unplugged after moving?

Generally 24 hours is a good bet. Basically leave it as long as you can up to 24 hours without your food going off. Chillbox and ice packs are recommended. Hope this helps

Are you saving energy if you have unplugged your refrigerator and are cooling it with ice made by the winter cold and on warm weeks you make ice in your EnergyStar chest freezer?

Answer yes of course....just a few cents a day but it will add up... but is it really worth it ?

Can you turn off the power to a refrigerator for 5 months?

Answer You can turn off the power on a refrigerator as long as you prop the doors open so that air can circulate. If you do not open the doors your fridge will get a smell that you can never remove... Read More »