Should a principal be able to do this...?

Answer Absolutely not . . . well to a certain extent once your off school property your not really there problem but with facebook your affiliated with your schools name so maybe she could just because yo... Read More »

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How to Become a Principal?

Principals are the often feared and sometimes adored leaders in schools, setting the tone of the education received by the children they oversee. They are responsible for making fiscal sense of the... Read More »

How to Become a Principal of an LLC?

Becoming a principal of a LLC (limited liability company) gives you asset protection you would not get if you remain a sole proprietor. Your personal assets can be protected in the event your compa... Read More »

The Ten Objectives of a New Principal?

Overall, the principal of any school wants students to have high achievement rates. New principals especially want to see students improve and maintain high grades and involvement in school activit... Read More »

Should I Pay on Principal or Refinance?

Rosetta Stone is a foreign language education software that promotes immersive learning in the language being learned rather than memorization of grammar rules and translations in your own language... Read More »