Should a person who has had cardiac ablation avoid an MRI on her knee?

Answer There is no reason for a person who has had cardiac ablation to avoid an MRI on her knee, according to the contraindications list on, unless she has a pacemaker or other implanted de... Read More »

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How can a person avoid an amputation below the knee?

The thing with gangrene is that the doctors want to make sure they removed all the affected tissue. If not, this can cause a potentially fatal systemic infection. There is always the chance for vas... Read More »

Should a person with shingles avoid being around a pregnant woman?

probably. because we cannot be 100% sure they will not infect the mother and baby... though if the mother had chicken pox, then the antibodies in her body should protect the baby...but I would hate... Read More »

I fell at football and hurt me knee really bad and evrytime i walk my knee pops what should i do?

Try putting ice on your knee and then rest it. It should settle down in a day or two,if not then I suggest you get it checked out with a doctor.................

How to Avoid Knee Injuries?

Knee pain is a common complaint for middle-aged and older adults, and often results from persistent strains over many years or minor injuries early in life. Most knee injuries are caused by ligamen... Read More »