Should a person seek medical attention after hitting their head hard?

Answer Yes Yes Yes - if a person hits their head hard enough to get a concussion, haemorrhage, or to have cerebrospinal fluid, (a clear liquid), leak from the nose or ears, or even if there is uncertainty... Read More »

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Should I seek medical attention?

It looks like he has been bitten by something. Seeing you don't know what it is I would recommend you take him to see a doctor or a nurse at the hospital to check it out. It is far better to be saf... Read More »

How to Know when to Seek Medical Attention for Heartburn?

Almost all people experience heartburn at some point in life. In most cases, the heartburn is temporary and usually resolves on its own. No treatment is needed aside from some steps to relieve the ... Read More »

What kind of bug bite is this & should i seek medical attention?

Burning feeling in leg .. Bite What can it be Should I seek medical attention ?

Is it a burning feeling on the skin? Is it deep in the leg? Do you feel heat when you put your hand over the area? Is your leg swollen at all?If the pain is just on the skin and you don't see an... Read More »