Should a new hot water heating zone flow through another circulator?

Answer A new hot water heating zone does not need to flow through another circulator. A building with one circulator can divide heat into different zones by using electrically controlled zone valves that ... Read More »

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How much water will flow through a 6 inch PVC?

The answer depends on the volumetric flow rate (Q), which equals the pipe's cross-sectional area (A) times the flow velocity (V).A = pi times the radius squared. For a six-inch pipe, A = 3.14 x 0.2... Read More »

How to Calculate Water Flow Through a Pipe Based on Pressure?

In physics, you've probably solved conservation of energy problems that deal with a car on a hill, a mass on a spring, and a roller coaster in a loop. You may not think of the pressure of water in ... Read More »

What Makes the Water Not Flow Through the Heater Core on a 1993 Town Car?

If you've already deduced that you've lost flow through your Town Car's heater core, then you already know what the heater core is: a small radiator that works just like your main radiator but harn... Read More »

Do flow meters calculate flow through a pipe?

Flow meters calculate flow through a pipe by various methods. For example, differential pressure flow meters calculate flow by inserting an obstruction in the flow and then measuring the pressure d... Read More »