Should a mother choose the man over her child?

Answer A good and loving mother should never choose the man over the child. However, if it is a case that the child feels the man is going to take their mother away from them introduce the man a little at... Read More »

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If the mother leaves her child and husband and the husband takes over the care of the child who has legal rights to that child and does the father have to pay child support to the mother?

Answer If a mother leaves her children in her husbands care and leaves the marital home then he owes her no child support. In fact she owes him child support. They have joint custody of the childr... Read More »

Should a mother choose a stepdaughter over her daughter for the maid of honor in a bridal party?

On One Hand: Your New DaughterIt's important to remember that you are beginning a new family, merging your children with your future husband's. You want your future step-daughter to be involved and... Read More »

Can an adoptive mother sign over her rights to her minor child to another adult wanting to adopt the child?

If you were born in California, there is a free reunion registry for adoptees and biological birth family members including birthmother, birthfather, and birthsiblings to locate each other and reun... Read More »

If a child was adopted by grandparents while mother was incarcerated can the child age 16 go back to live with mother in SC Mother never signed away rights?

Breedz should be downloaded in a zipped (compressed) folder format. That's how all mine were. You can save this file anywhere you choose, as long as you know where it is and it isn't interfering wi... Read More »