Should a mother adopt her 14 year old daughters baby?

Answer Answer If your daughter loves her baby then help her look after the baby and adoption is not necessary.  Even though I am sure you weren't happy about your daughter getting pregnant so young the c... Read More »

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My step-daughters' biological mother has nothing to do with them and has never paid child support but refuses to relinquish her parental rights so I can adopt them Can I adopt them when they turn 18?

Answer As long as the state you live in allows gay adoptions, yes. Some states do not allow gay people to adopt children. Some states allow you to adopt, as long as you are not in a relationship at... Read More »

How do you adopt a baby when a mother wants to give up all rights to you?

Answer We are in the same kind of process. First of all, if you have a borth mother already, that wants to give her child up to you, you will need a lawyer. Draw up a contract. She will really nee... Read More »

You live in Texas An unwed mother is offering you her baby What do you need to do to adopt this child legally?

Termination of parental rights (TPR) must be granted before the adoption is completed. Usually the child is placed in DSS care for several months to years until TPR is granted by the court. The fir... Read More »

Can an aunt adopt a 13-year-old nephew whose mother was an illegal immigrant and was sent back?

Answer Yes, they can. Anyone can adopt a child if they have no place to live and are currently enrolled in a school.Is the child a US citizen? If not,regular INS procedures will have to be followed... Read More »