Should a mom with food poisoning still breastfeed?

Answer On One Hand: No Risk to the InfantIt's very rare that a breastfeeding mother should stop nursing her child when she becomes sick. According to the Pediatrics Clinic of North America, stomach illnes... Read More »

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What should I do for food poisoning?

You have to stay hydrated. Get some electrolytes and get them in you.You also need to let your intestines rest a bit and start to heal. If you feel hungry try a bit of yogurt, a cup of black tea an... Read More »

Do you run a fever with food poisoning?

On One Hand: Food Poisoning Can Cause FeverSalmonellosis, which most often results from raw meat or animal products, trichinosis, which is associated with pork and Campylobacter enterocolitis, whic... Read More »

What's the worst that can happen with food poisoning?

If you cook it properly it should kill any bugs it'll just taste really bad i'd advise cooking the meat very well before you throw it in the curry and cut the worst parts offfood poisoning usually ... Read More »

Can I drink alcohol tonight (with possible food poisoning)?

I understand that you want to have a really good last night out, but to drink any alcohol at all would lead to a worsening of your symptoms. I know you are feeling better now, but whether it was fo... Read More »