Should a man shave his pubic hair?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, shaving increases hygiene and looks betterCleanliness is important to the modern man, and shaving not only looks groomed, but also keeps things fresh. Considering what women go th... Read More »

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In what shape should i shave my pubic hair?

Should i shave my pubic hair like this?

you really should. it grows back really fast but do it carefully. do not ever let the hair go in a direction and shave in the same direction. if its long cut it down till its really short and shave.

Should females be able to shave their pubic hair?

Should I shave my pubic hair without talking to my Mom All of my other friends do it. Why can't I?

Don't feel like you have to do it just because all of your friends are doing it. Besides, unless you've actually seen them with their pants off, how do you know for sure that they are actually doin... Read More »