Should a hot soak or cold ice be used within 24 hours for bruises&contusions?

Answer On One Hand: Cold Compresses At FirstIce, or another form of cold compress, is the first step in treating a bruise or contusion. The ice pack will constrict the lymph and blood vessels in the site ... Read More »

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Do you soak a broken jammed toe in hot or cold water?

On One Hand: Cold recommendedMost sources, including Banner Health and Medicine Net, recommend using cold packs and soaks after a toe has been dislocated or jammed. They also recommend elevating th... Read More »

I need my cold gone in 24 hours! HELP!?

Last time I had a fever and wanted it gone, I did LOTS of sleeping. That is pretty much the only thing I did. Sleep and drink water and I also took lots of quick hot showers throughout the day beca... Read More »

How can i get rid of a cold sore in a couple of hours?

Soaking a tea bag and applying to cold sore helps due to tannic acid. Ice also is a good idea. I use lysine cream, take lysine, vit c and b complex and acidopholous. Avoid foods high in argine.Medi... Read More »

I donated blood and went to sleep 4 hours later and woke up cold and nauseated?

I think you should call just to be sure.. but im pretty sure they test the blood... hmm yea call them just to be safe. better safe then sorry :)