Should a higher number of pixels make a better picture?

Answer yes

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Can you make a picture a higher pixels per inch?

You are restricted to the original resolution that was acquired when you took the picture. You can't make it a higher resolution than what was initially taken.

A picture contained 360000 pixels how many pixels high is the picture?

From a mathematical standpoint, such a question cannot have one answer since there are two missing variables; height and width, thus many combinations are possible. However, given that the ratio i... Read More »

Is it true that the higher the megapixels, the better the quality of the picture?

Nope. In fact, too many pixels on a small image sensor will actually generate more noise and worse image quality. There are other factors which are MUCH more important to image quality than the n... Read More »

Does a higher resolution on a laptop correlate with a better picture on TV through HDMI?

No the screen resolution is just what your going to see on the laptop end, as long as it has a high definiton graphics card you should be fine and the output source should be an hdmi cable for opt... Read More »