Should a friend tell a friend if their husband or wife is cheating?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You ShouldThe main factor to consider when debating whether or not to tell a friend her spouse is cheating is this: If that person finds out later that you knew, what would the re... Read More »

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Should a Friend Tell a Friend If Their Husband or Wife Is Cheating?

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Your husband and you would like to adopt your friends baby This friend is married but the child does not belong to the husband How do you go about adopting?

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I had unprotected sex with my wife's best friend?

Wow, this is so sad. You need to tell your wife immediately, as well as this other woman. This is why you should ALWAYS use a condom when having sex, or don't have sex at all.Genital warts are HIGH... Read More »

How can my friend get insurance for his wife with diabetis?

tell your friend to try medicaid. they might be able to help. helll, tell him i don't mind helping someone sick like that with my tax money. as long as i know it's for a good reason. they deserve t... Read More »