Should a four-month pregnant woman take antibiotics?

Answer Answer An infection is potentially more hazardous to an unborn child than are some of the antibiotics. Your doctor should be told that you're pregnant and then he/she can select an appropriate cou... Read More »

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Should you take antibiotics for a sinus infection while pregnant?

Answer If the doctor says it's ok, go ahead. But don't do anything like theat without a doctors approval.

Can be a woman got pregnant while taking antibiotics acne?

Antibiotics don't have any contraceptive effect , also some certain antibiotics such as Tetracycline that is useful for acne treatment have side effects on development of bone and teeth in unborn c... Read More »

How much omega-3 fish oil should a pregnant woman take daily?

Prregnant women need to get sufficient omega-3 daily. It is important for the baby's brain development and also provides nutrients for the mother. Take 900mg of omega-3 fish oil per day, and contin... Read More »

What precautions should a pregnant woman take if her water breaks at five months?