Should a doctor pinch the nipples during a breast exam?

Answer On One Hand: It Has a PurposeAccording to the Feminist Women's Health Center, a thorough breast exam involves gently squeezing the nipples. In fact, the doctor may squeeze each nipple twice during ... Read More »

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I have lumps and knots in my breast and sad thing is that the doctor is not believing its breast cancer?

Don't freak out, it's probably just benign cysts. They are very normal in girls going through puberty. But I would DEFINITELY get a second opinion

How to Prepare Your Nipples for Successful Breast-feeding?

If you have never breast-fed a baby, the idea of it might seem scary and overwhelming. Breast-feeding is often challenging for new moms, but it can be a great experience for both mother and baby i... Read More »

Question about sensitive nipples and breast feeding?

It's a very different feeling when breastfeeding. I feel the same way about nipple stimulation, but it is sooo different when you're breastfeeding your child. Yes sometimes they'll get sore but jus... Read More »

How to Avoid Sore Nipples While Breast Feeding?

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with baby while ensuring he gets the best nutrition. Additionally, breastfeeding saves money on formula. With such benefits, choosing to nurse baby is a wise de... Read More »