Should a diabetic eat before bed?

Answer On One Hand: Avoiding Low Blood SugarDiabetics must maintain strict dietary and medication regimens in order to properly regulate blood glucose levels throughout the day. Nutritionists and endocrin... Read More »

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What should I do my blood sugars are 6.5mmol in the morning,not a diabetic I'm 13 should I go to my gp?

Dude, you don't have diabetes so just relax!

Which fruits should diabetic patients should eat?

You can generally eat any fruit. You just have to limit it to a smallish quantity. One fruit about the size of a woman's fist (or about 1/2 cup, 118.29 ml.). BUT, and it's a big but, not everyon... Read More »

How much sugar would a person have to consume before becoming diabetic?

Diabetes happens. It's not due to how much sugar you eat (but tooth decay is, among with other things). Diabetes happens when you body no longer can handle the glucose in the blood--either becaus... Read More »

Should a diabetic take clarinex?

On One Hand: Depends on the IndividualClarinex, used to treat allergies, should be taken with caution in patients with certain conditions, including diabetes. Diabetics, people with abnormal blood ... Read More »