Should a contractor get his money before he signs a mechanics lien release?

Answer On One Hand: Lien Holder Has Upper HandThe contractor should be paid for his services before signing a mechanic's lien release. The signing of the release is verification that the work was paid for... Read More »

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Should Michigan release some of its prisoners to save money?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are way too many people in the prison system for crimes that could be dealt with in less severe ways!! I mean we are paying up the wazoo for dead beat dads to be in prison ... Read More »

Does general contractor premium goes high how much even if he gives job to subcontractor if gc pays money to subcontractor from his account still it will be counted as sales?

Signs & Symptoms of Poor Money Management?

Regardless of how much money you earn, unless you can manage it properly, you will never be comfortable financially. Personal money management is one of the biggest skills that most people must mas... Read More »

Contractor did work then additional work.ruined original work.had to be redone by another contractor at considerable more insurance says nocoverage on his own work- can this be tru?

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