Should a contractor get his money before he signs a mechanics lien release?

Answer On One Hand: Lien Holder Has Upper HandThe contractor should be paid for his services before signing a mechanic's lien release. The signing of the release is verification that the work was paid for... Read More »

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Should Michigan release some of its prisoners to save money?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are way too many people in the prison system for crimes that could be dealt with in less severe ways!! I mean we are paying up the wazoo for dead beat dads to be in prison ... Read More »

How much money should i save up before moving to Australia?

Amir, once again Tentofie is correct, but I am going to give you a ball park figure, but then you would need to get some work, and keep your account healthy. $A20,000.00, I have based that on a bud... Read More »

How much money should a 40 yr old have saved for retirement before buying a $25k Harley?

If he has the money, he should get the bike & worry about retiring later.You need to live before you die. ;)

Does a home repair contractor have to provide an estimate before commencing work?

On One Hand: The Experienced and Reputable Are WillingReputable contractors will want to provide you with an estimate before they begin work. This protects them and protects you as well. You'll kno... Read More »