Should a company be financed entirely with debt?

Answer On One Hand: Debt Increases the Value of a FirmAccording to the Nobel Prize--winning Miller-Modigliani theorem, the value of a firm will increase with an increase in the amount of debt used by the ... Read More »

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Can they repossess your car if you have disability insurance with the company that you financed through and are disabled?

This depends on what you mean by not "serious". A disability is a disability. Check the disability laws for the state you reside in to find out what the requirements are in order for one to collect... Read More »

Why does a company use long-term debt?

A company commonly uses long-term debt to finance major capital purchases and investments. Like individual consumers, companies may be able to finance major purchases now and use future earnings to... Read More »

How to Choose a Debt Consolidation Company?

Debt consolidation companies are businesses that negotiate with your creditors to lower your credit account interest rates and/or balances. They then combine the remaining balances together and set... Read More »

How to Calculate Company Debt Ratio?

Debt ratio is a comparison of a company's debt to its assets. The ratio is used, along with other financial ratios, to determine the financial health of a company. If a company has a debt ratio of ... Read More »