Should a comma always precede incorporation?

Answer Traditionally, a comma always preceded "Inc." when writing the name of the company. The style changed, and the Chicago Manual of Style recommends no comma before "Inc." If you know that a company p... Read More »

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Articles of Incorporation Vs. Certificate of Incorporation?

Articles of incorporation comprise a disclosure of facts to the agency of a state responsible for sanctioning the formation of corporations--usually the secretary of state. When a corporation forms... Read More »

What does a comma mean?

A comma is a punctuation mark that is used to separate parts of a sentence. It usually shows where the reader should take a breath while reading out loud. Commas help the reader figure out which wo... Read More »

How to Put in a Comma on a TI-83 Calculator?

The TI-83 calculator, made by Texas Instruments, is more than your basic calculator. Not only does it perform calculations and create graphs, but you can write messages on it, too. Although you mig... Read More »

Does a comma go in front of LLC?

Yes, a comma goes in front of the abbreviation "LLC" in a business name. You do not need to include a second comma after the word LLC. For example, "Smith and Smith, LLC has an office across the st... Read More »