Should a child with special needs be given more attention than another child?

Answer my 3 year old son still not chewing food

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Does your child needs any special attention?

Yes, he does not digest fiber well and is highly flatulent.

Is the welfare of the child more important than the right of the biological parents who have given that child up for adoption?

Answer Yes, the welfare of the child always comes first and thank God for that! Children are not dolls you take off a shelf and dust off to play with, but little human beings that need to be loved... Read More »

What is it like to raise a child with special needs child?

Is it a good idea to have another baby when you already have a child with special needs?

Answer Such a hard question, and all the harder because only you can truly answer it. I realize the temptation might be there to have a baby that you hope will be "normal." But what if he is born w... Read More »