Should a bedroom be painted yellow?

Answer On One Hand: The BenefitsThe bedroom should be painted yellow if it fits with the atmosphere you intend to create. According to David Johnson from Pearson Education, an expert in color psychology, ... Read More »

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My bedroom is painted blue, what does this mean?

How does one safely sleep in a bedroom that has just been painted?

if its making him light headed and you cant get a window open mite be best if he didnt kip in there....maybe he could kip in someone elses bed for the night....shame the window dont open

How to Make Your Bedroom Rock when It Is Painted Blue?

You are a teenager who is a huge fan of rock/glam or even metal music and you wanna make your bedroom scream it. But there is one little problem: It is painted blue (or any other colors that are no... Read More »

Ok so Im going to get my room painted. Either hot pink, lime green or yellow. Which one?

when you're older you may not like these colors, keep that in mind. if i were you, though i would do the hot pink. the lime green would make me too dizzy personally. when you say yellow, if you nee... Read More »