Should a Vegan use Earthworm Castings?

Answer OK, I am a vegan and I keep worms as a way to keep down the amount of waste our family contributes to the landfill. As an added bonus, my worms make wonderful castings for my garden and my house pl... Read More »

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How do I collect worm castings?

Pile Up CastingsPut on gloves to avoid discoloring your hands and fingernails from the worm castings, which may stain them. Dump out the contents of your worm bin onto a sheet of plastic or a tarp ... Read More »

How can you liquefy worm castings?

ANSWER: You can't totally liquefy it, but you can make it into a usable tea for fertilizing plants. This works with composted cow manure as well.Take about 2-3 cups of the dry material and put it i... Read More »

Where to buy worm castings in Bay Area?

Try, or just bought worm castings from Bay Worms and my garden looks absolutely fabulous! They are the cheapest that I have found in the Bay Area. I will never bu... Read More »

Where to find earring castings?

Earring castings can be bought from jewelry trade distributors found in your local telephone directory or purchased on the Internet. Castings hold gemstones and come primarily in gold and silver.Re... Read More »