Should a Left Eye Dominate Person Shoot a Left Handed Bow?

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Should I Shoot Left Handed If I Am Left Eye Dominant?

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Can you shoot an AK-47 left-handed?

You can shoot an AK-47 left-handed. To shoot it left-handed, lie on your stomach with your body just slightly to the right of the gun. This prone position provides the greatest stability although i... Read More »

What is a left handed person called?

Left-handed people go by a number of nicknames, but many people refer to them as southpaws. "Southpaw" is a baseball term used to describe left-handed pitchers. The pitcher's mound in early basebal... Read More »

What do u call it when a person is right handed but kicks with her left foot?

It's called mixed dominance, or cross dominance. Your niece is right-hand dominant and left-foot dominant. Other people mix it up by favoring the same-sided hand and foot but favoring another body ... Read More »