Should a 6th grader be allowed to go out to lunch with friends?

Answer yeah if there's a adult with them and if they all with a person that is 16 or older

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How much makeup do you think that a 7th grader should be allowed to wear?

last year when i was in 7th grade i only used lip gloss and a little eye liner but if your allowed to wear mascara use a clear one so that its not too noticeable and doesn't clump as much

Why is one of my friends having a fit at lunch if she does not sit beside us?

Answer She might feel like you are shunning her or are mad at her. She probably just wants to be included. Maybe she has had trouble in the past with losing friends and is afraid it might reoccur.

Won a contest @ a restaurant for free lunch for 7 of my friends, do i need to pay tip out of pocket?

The restaurant will not pay the tip. It would be nice if you and all 7 of your friends contribute toward the tip. Could you suggest this to them, that way, no-one would be out a lot of cash. If n... Read More »

Should kids be allowed to go anywhere they want with their friends?

Maybe under adult supervision. but the parents need to trust their friend and their child might get ditched