Should a 4-year-old who is fascinated with fire and has set a house fire that caused damage be psychologically evaluated?

Answer Get in touch with your local fire department and see if they have a juvenile firesetter program or if they can refer you to one. I was a firesetter interviewer as a fire fighter, and found that mos... Read More »

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What damage is caused by the ring of fire?

The Ring of Fire is located in the Pacific Ocean. This area has been the center of numerous earthquakes and tsunamis. Approximately 80 percent of the world's largest earthquakes have occurred along... Read More »

What chemical can homeowners use to remove smoke damage caused by fire?

On One Hand: Doing it YourselfAfter a fire has occurred in the home, the insurance company should be contacted to evaluate the extent of the damage. If smoke damage is minimal, homeowners can use c... Read More »

Who is responsible for a external fire that caused damage on outside of apartment the tenant or landlord?

If the association fees are part of the obligations of your landlord under your lease agreement you could pay the fees directly, then deduct them from the rent, sending a letter to the landlord wit... Read More »

My dinner table is on fire because i lit my house on fire?

Shouldn't it be the other way around or is this a trick question? If you accidentally lit the table on fire and your entire house had the misfortune of getting burnt, your first step should be to g... Read More »