Should a 4 month old baby be let watch tv?

Answer no it could see something that it's not supposed to see yet.

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Is it bad for a 4 month old baby to watch television?

yes. ====studies are inconclusive whether or not babies should watch TV. the recommendation is to limit TV for children under 2 years old. see the links below for more information.

How much should an 7 month old baby wt in kg?

You wiegh your child in Kilograms rather than pound. You are a terrible parent and should be put in prison.

How tall should a 2 month old baby be?

Up to two inches taller than they were at birth.

How long should you let your ten month old baby cry it out?

I let my ten month old cry 30 min in his crib at night he sleeps better and so do I. They need to learn how to put themselves to sleep. Its harder on you then the baby I promise. After a week he ra... Read More »