Should a 14-year-old teenager keep her baby?

Answer Keeping Your Baby at 14-years-old This is a very hard decision to make. It depends alot on your mindset. I was 15 when I got pregnant. I kept the baby. She is now 17 and has moved out and gotten h... Read More »

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Is it okay for a teenager to want to have a baby?

It is okay to want to have a baby - it's akin to wanting a puppy - they are adorable and the difficulty of it is hard to imagine before you actually bring one home - but HAVING a baby as a teenager... Read More »

Bad reasons of having a baby when your a teenager?

having a baby at young age:1)your usally watching your baby2)hard concerating in school

Can you get welfare for your baby if you are a pregnant teenager?

AnswerYes, you can go to your local welfare office and apply for medicaid, food stamps and other benefits. I'm sure you can do this without your parents help. AnswerYou might want to consider gett... Read More »

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