Should a 14-year-old keep a baby or consider adoption?

Answer AnswerAbsolutely consider adoption! A 14 year old is not only too young to give a baby a good life, but she has her whole life ahead of her. She needs to finish school, go to college, and do what s... Read More »

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If an unwed woman wants to give her baby up for adoption and the father wants to keep the baby can he stop the adoption from going ahead?

What is required to put a baby up for adoption and does the mother need permission from the tribe to put baby for adoption if she's Native American?

After what I can find you do not need their permission, you can give up your child for adoption if you want the US there is the Indian Child Welfare Act. This is a federal law that deals w... Read More »

Does a 14-year-old mother have to give her baby up for adoption?

Answer No , the girl would not have to give up her baby however if social services see that you are struggling or your mother or father say they wouldn't help you then however they might take the b... Read More »

Can a parent make a 13 year old give their baby up for adoption?

AnswerNope, you have to sign the papers. If you don't the child is yours. Parents can't make you give away your child.