Should a 14 year old girl drink or smoke?

Answer Smoking one cigarette causes irreversible heart damage, which increases with each additional cigarette. There is also lung damage, which can be reversed if the person stops soon enough. There is ... Read More »

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How much water should a 13 year old that weighs 86 lbs girl drink per day?

You shouldn't be drinking water, you should be eating! 86 lbs. is NOT a healthy weight for any one! You should AT LEAST be 115 lbs.

If an 18-year-old boy tells a 12-year-old girl he wants perverted sex with her what should the girl do?

Go to your parents or a person you trust. This person has a problem and you need to stay away from him. Do NOT be alone with him since he has all ready expressed his thoughts about you. He is an ad... Read More »

Should I smoke weed or drink before a sweet 16?

Drinking alcohol is way much easier to get caught buy if you do it, because if you drink, nothing can make your breath smell better even gum, or brushing your teeth because when your body is trying... Read More »

Why should women not smoke or drink alcohol when pregnant?

Because if you drink alcohol then that can damage the foetus. If you smoke then that can damage the baby's lungs and make it difficult to breath.