Should a 14 year old girl drink or smoke?

Answer Smoking one cigarette causes irreversible heart damage, which increases with each additional cigarette. There is also lung damage, which can be reversed if the person stops soon enough. There is ... Read More »

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How much water should a 13 year old that weighs 86 lbs girl drink per day?

You shouldn't be drinking water, you should be eating! 86 lbs. is NOT a healthy weight for any one! You should AT LEAST be 115 lbs.

Can the mom of a 16 year old girl press charges on the 21 year old guy if hes dating the 16 year old and got her pregnant even though the 16 year old girl wanted it?

If the 16 year old girl wanted to have a baby you should talk to her before you go off the edge. Or don't go and press charges, but tell the guy that he was very SICK and WRONG to do that. It will ... Read More »

21 year old girl sharing a bed with a 16 year old girl family member is this wrong as her 13 year old sister is also in the same room?

If the bed is being shared for sleeping there is nothing wrong. Not every family has the space and/or money to provide single beds and/or rooms for everyone. Years ago it was common for for three t... Read More »

Can a 17-year-old girl marry an 18-year-old guy when they were already both married to other people without needing the girl's parents' consent?

Answer I am not certain I am reading this correctly, but...NO! If you are married to someone and do not get legally divorced, you cannot marry someone else. That would be bigamy, and is illegal. Th... Read More »