Should a 13 year old where a bra?

Answer Yes, If the 13 year old has breast large enough, she should.Most 13 year olds do wear bras.

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Should 12 year old where makeup?

I started wearing makeup when I went into 7th grade, and I was 12. I don't see a problem with it as long as it's appropriate - no comehither, smoky eyes kind of thing. That's just creepy. Beside... Read More »

Where should an 18 year old go on her birthday?

Here in Orlando, females can get into clubs at 18, at least most of the clubs, but must be 21 to drink. But, as someone else said, a lot depends on who you're with and where you're staying. A lot ... Read More »

Where should a 12 year old get a job for money?

Babysitting, cutting grass, or chores.

Where should a 13 year old boy take his mom for mothers day?

Awe! That is soo cute! Take her out to eat and maybe go see a movie. Let her know that means a lot to you. I think its really nice that you want to do something with her. I'm sure that whatever you... Read More »