Should a 13-year-old mother keep her baby?

Answer If she wants to, she should go into it without half-hearted feelings. She should know and be fully aware of the responsibility that keeping her baby would require. She should know this isn't just s... Read More »

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Can a 21-year-old male and his mother obtain custody of a baby that he fathered with a 16-year-old in California?

Answer NO she can't take the baby by law and raise it herself. There is welfare out there you know for mistakes like this. I didn't say it would be easy though, but you can do it and it is possi... Read More »

Can the mother of a 16-year-old who has a baby tell her that she cannot keep her child when she becomes 18?

Legal Issues Not in the legal sense. In the US a minor who is pregnant or has a child has all the same rights to her child as does an adult. The minor cannot be forced to have an abortion, place t... Read More »

Can a 14-year-old mother take control of her new baby?

AnswerThe only person who has legal right to the baby (no matter the age) is the natural mother, so yes. However, if the mother is taken to court because she is unfit to be a parent (a definite ris... Read More »

Should a mother adopt her 14 year old daughters baby?

Answer If your daughter loves her baby then help her look after the baby and adoption is not necessary.  Even though I am sure you weren't happy about your daughter getting pregnant so young the c... Read More »