Should You Use Primer on a Porch Floor?

Answer Some home care questions spark strong answers, and priming is one of those questions. Painters who prime are convinced that priming makes paint jobs last longer. An equally vocal group of painters ... Read More »

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Should you waterproof a wood porch before you glue outdoor carpet to the porch?

Answer yes you should waterproof it but the wood will not last as long as usual because outdoor carpet holds water and will rot the wood in time. Answer no ... do what u want i guess.......

How to Draw a Porch Floor?

A simple porch floor takes very little effort to draw. Porch floors can be drawn using primarily straight lines, making it an ideal drawing subject for a beginner to use to practice drawing three d... Read More »

How do I stain a porch floor?

Preparing the ConcreteGive the patio a good general cleaning with a high-pressure nozzle to remove any dirt or surface grime. While the concrete is still wet apply a concrete etching product. Muria... Read More »

How to Build a Porch Floor?

A key to having an attractive and inviting porch is the floor. A fence may be there, but it's the floor that is the focal point of the porch and it makes the whole porch seem warm and homey. Deck f... Read More »