Should You Go Into the Basement in an Earthquake?

Answer The Central United States Earthquake Consortium warns that there's a 25- to 40-percent chance of an earthquake during any 50-year period. While a powerful earthquake could be catastrophic, it's imp... Read More »

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How to Not Fall Into an Earthquake Fault?

Earthquake faults are a natural part of life if you live in an area prone to experience seismic activities. Falling into one of these is the last thing you want to do. Avoiding this is a fairly sim... Read More »

How to Get a Washer & Dryer Into the Basement?

Moving a washer and dryer down to the basement area of your home is a challenging and potentially dangerous ordeal. To move a clothes washer dryer down a flight of stairs safely, you should always... Read More »

How to Tap Into a Basement PVC Drain Pipe?

PVC pipe, a plastic pipe used for both water supply as well as drainage, is fairly straightforward for the homeowner to work with and a favorite of professional plumbers. It is easy to cut and tap ... Read More »

What are safety steps that should be taken if an earthquake is in your area?

Each region of the United States has its natural challenges. The northeast has snow, the southeast has hurricanes and the western part of the country sometimes has to deal with earthquakes. It can ... Read More »