Should Weed Be Legalized?

Answer Man made alcohol, weed is natrual....Who do you trust?

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Do you think weed should be legalized?

YES!! Everyone that is saying no has never done it. Idiots think that alcohol should be legal but weed should be banned. That is the most stupid thing ever. Alcohol impairs everything but good ole ... Read More »

Should marijuana be legalized?

I've used recreational drugs (alcohol, tobacco, weed) before, but don't much at all now. Yes, it should be legalized, and anyone out there drinking glass of wine or a beer and stating otherwise is... Read More »

Why should marijuana be legalized?

It shouldn't. I was a smoker for many years and stuffed up many chances to advance in life because I was stoned. I wanted to be a aircraft engineer but missed out because of missing an interview be... Read More »

MARIJUANA - should it be legalized?

thats like asking if abortion should be legalized, which it shouldnt. this is what mr. dmv would say: i only smoke ground up baby fetus